JAG-OFFS - I'm a jagoff (Cheap and nasty with screaming girls. Yup, this is still on the list years after its release.)
THE FUCKERS - Sexy Roy Orbison (Lapp punk. Weirdness galore.)
MEINE KLEINE DEUTSCHE - Dirty Dancing (Heavy Le Tigre complex but MKD are, at times, a lot better. All they need now is new clothes and they'll conquer the world.)
Movie: 13th Warrior (The film you're not allowed to like. I love it. Vikings, swords and people that eat brains. What more can anyone want?)
Book: Robert Shea - The Illuminatus Trilogy. (First book I've read that was better AND easier to understand when intoxicated.)

V/A - Garanterat Mob 47 - CDR (Crap sound and a lot of piss-poor singing but still cool as hell - Hail the true kings of punk - Åke is God!)
SIR MIXALOT - Baby got back (Oh my god, Becky, look at her butt! It is so big!)
BRUISERS - Intimidation (That's right, these are all my friends, now what are you gonna do?)
No TV, no movies. Weakling stuff.
Book: De överlevande #4: Våldets lag (Post-WWIII mayhem and cruelty, no pretentious shit. Brainiacs fuck off!)

Head - Carlsboro Stingray (Eighties transistor trash, yeah baby, tubes are for posers!)
...Borrowed it off Birnik, producer of Massgrav "Fast i Skiten" demo and once in a lifetime Massgrav singer.
Cab - LabSeries 2 x 15 (Big stuff, this fucker weighs like an elephant)
...Received as payment for some... stuff.
Bass - Cimax (Punk as fuck bass, keeps falling apart)
...Long time loan from a place we won't tell you. Looong time.
There you go, sonic holocaust for free!

KONTROVERS - När spelreglerna ändras - CD (The album of 2003.)
THE VECTORS - Still ill - LP (A wop bop a loo bop a lop bam boom!)
KRIGSHOT - Örebromangel - CD (Always on my mind.)
Movie: Jimmy Böljas rockskola (Disciples of the watch... OBEY!)
Book: Hammar/Wikingsson - Två nötcreme och en moviebox (Back to the 80's.)

SUPERSUCKERS - Live in Dublin (The evil powers of rock'n'roll)
NINE SHOCKS TERROR - Zen and the art of beating your ass - CD (Ohio punkrock rules!)
CARCASS - Heartwork - CD (An oldie but a goldie..Rot'n'roll!!)
Movie: Kelly's Heroes (Telly Savalas!)
Book: Iceberg Slim - Pimp (Ice, ice baby...)
DISKONTO - We are the people... - CD (Punk as it was meant to be)
DISMEMBER - Where ironcrosses grow - CD (Death metal as it was meant to be)
ACCIDENTS - All time high - CD (Rock'n'roll as it was meant to be)
TV: Six Feet Under (Gay cops, sex addicts and dead people!)
Book: Johnny Cash - He walked the line (Pills are good)

BOMBANFALL - Åsiktsfrihet - mp3's of the 7" (Crust as fuck existence. Some fucking teenager better sell me the real stuff now... or I'll kill you, fatass!)
DJ MURO - King of diggin' Vol.1 - MC (Classic original joints from the vaults.)
ERNST-HUGO JÄREGÅRD - Hörru` farsan!!! - LP (Extreme blabbermouth hardcore extravaganza.)
Movie: Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas ("This is the Sixth Reich!")
Book: Claes Holmström - Startpistolen (White slavery poetry in its most vile form.)

THE HIGH & MIGHTY - The highlite zone - CD (Mr Eon, Mighty Mi, Cage, R.A. The Rugged Man and Copywrite kicks the shit!!)
TODAY IS THE DAY - Sadness will prevail - 2CD (True onslaught)
BLOOD OV THEE CHRIST - Master control - mp3's of the MC (It's grim up north)
Movie: Love Liza (Decadence deluxe)
Book: Paul Beatty - Svart harakiri (Amazing)

SEXTRASH - Sexual carnage - CD (Sadistic screams, depravation and DD Crazy! Total crudo!!)
DAMNATION - Insulter of jesus christ - MC (Echoes from beyond the grave)
GRAND MAGUS - Live in Stockholm (Truly heavy metal)
Movie: Race With The Devil (Peter Fonda ripping it up with those wack satanic cult people. A must see!)
Book: Nikanor Teratologen - Apsefiston (Nihilism to the death)

DAMNATION - Destructo evangelia - Pre-CD (Hail Satan and kill the christians!)
VOIVOD - Phobos - CD (A mindbending masterpiece)
POISON IDEA - Live in Stockholm (Pick your king!)
Movie: Midnight Cowboy (Ratso Rizzo and Joe Buck show us how to deal with reality)
Book: Jean Hermansson - Nere på verkstadsgolvet (Work sucks and you know it)